Is this a pre order or instock is available?

This is a hybrid of pre-order and instock. Usually for the more popular items, we will carry limited stocks so that customer can get the items immediately after our launch, for the rest of the items, it will be a preorder.

How long do i have to wait for the items to arrive?

Usually it will be approx 7-10 working days. Sometimes there might be delay that happen to the shipment, if such cases occur, we will email our customer to inform them. Do note that we do super express shipping at additional charges if you need the items urgently for your event.

How do i place an order?

To place order, simply leave a comment with the item/s no. once we received your comment, we will send an invoice within 24hours 

What if i missed the payment timeline?

Dont worry if you missed the timeline set by us (usually we will give approx 24hours) or the next available slot for the shipment. If you missed it, it will only means that you will receive your items slightly later than the original schedule 🙂

How do I collect the items?

 Postage will be strongly encouraged. Self collection is available at Bukit Gombak, timing will be at our convenience. Cityhall meet up can also be arranged at our convenience.

What if I buy the wrong size?

Unfortunately we do not do refund or exchange for the wrong size ordered by the customer

How do I make sure that I can fit the shoes well?

 Do make a point to measure the size of your foot and match it to the table below

Size 34 35 36 37 38 39 40
Length(cm) 21.6-22 22.1-22.5 22.6-23 23.1-23.5 23.6-24 24.1-24.5 24.6-25

Most of the shoes size is similar to C&K. If you are unsure, pls email to ask.chooochoo@gmail.com we will be more than happy to advise you 🙂

It has been more than 7 working days, my items have not arrive

Not to worry if you items did not arrive, do email us at ask.chooochoo@gmail.com to check the status of your items.

Chooquee mailed the wrong item to me, what shd I do?

If you receive the wrong item mailed out by us, pls email to ask.chooochoo@gmail.com within 24hours upon receiving the items. We will do an exchange and return cost would be covered by Chooquee.

Feedback or suggestions Feel free to email us at ask.chooochoo@gmail.com for any feedback or suggestions 🙂

We thank you for shopping at Chooquee


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