Heels Tips

1. High heels elongate and flatter the leg, but they also raise the buttocks and curve the back which in turn pushes the chest forward. Nude heels will give a very obvious effect, see evidence 1.

2. For everyday wear pick a shoe with a heel of no higher than four cm or under two inches.This limits the amount of stress on your feet, calves and back, reducing the risk of bad posture. In the Daily Mail’s article “So what sort of shoes should you wear,” of 23rd March 2003, podiatrist Kate Simpson says “totally flat shoes are not ideal for overall health of feet or legs, a small heel is better.” Low French heels or kitten heels of around ¾ inch or two cms are beneficial as they relax calf muscles and reduce tension in tendons and ligaments around the foot. You can still look like a hot chic in a kitten heels (see evidence 2)

3. In order to prevent rubbing and blisters, the heel of your foot should sit comfortably in the shoe with a small amount of room for slippage.

4. Go for a shoe style that resembles the shape of your foot. Don’t choose a long pointed-toed shoe if you have wide toes and it is going to squash your feet.

5. Consider your body shape and size of your legs and ankles. If you are short with chunky legs, try to avoid an ankle strap, which will only serve to make your legs look bigger. If you have big feet ,avoid very dainty shoes but don’t go over the top with heavy women’s shoes either.

6. Make your heels your best friend by inserting a shoe padding. It will really make a big difference! (because the last thing that you want to happen is to see yourself limping in heels) *try watson’s house brand insoles..

*next launch on 29th Oct
part of the source from www.suite101.com

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