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Korea Love & Fashion

Korea Love! 

Ashley olsen carrying this givenchy bag that is so pretty that we brought in the design too!  So much love for big bag, i am sure, this bag is roomy enough to stuff all your day-needs 🙂

Lindsay Lohan dress!
We are lovin’ this piece of dress too! that, is so versatile  that you can pair it with a blazer for work or simply slip it on to go shopping!
On the side note..let’s hope that she will put in serious effort to reform.. 😛
oh, we are not selling what she wore to court but definitely we will try source for it!
source from: Photograph: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Additional piece of good news!
Item No: STM13 Available in Medium size
Grey Celebrity inspired work bag is making a Come Back! 

Happy shopping at https://chooquee.wordpress.com/whats-new/
and happy 101010